Weathered…and yet new again


To me, weathered means change is coming.

After our recent trip back home to Pakistan, I came face to face with an ugly truth: I realized where my roots are – where they have always been. Since then, I crave going back again, very contradicting to my previous blog a couple of months ago – that’s what change looks like. This is exactly what I fought against for ten years living in Canada. Finally, after two months of contemplation and yet trying to shrug it off, I accepted the fact that a part of me will always miss back home. Pakistan is always a part of me and Karachi will always remain ‘back home’ to me. I am going to embrace myself. I am going to allow this change to happen.

I see myself in the weathered grass above. Every year the green leaves weather out and fall off, only to give another leaf, a new leaf, a new grass blade, a new chance.

Why can’t we give ourselves a chance to grow into a new us, turn a new leaf, for once in a while? Is that so hard?

I am ready to give myself a chance. Because that’s who I am – weathered yet new again.


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